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Pre-Operative Instructions

Two Weeks Prior to Surgery

  • 1. No aspirin or products containing aspirin.
  • 2. No ibuprofen or products containing ibuprofen.
  • 3. No herbal medications, diet pills, or mega-doses of Vitamin-E. Regular multi-vitamins are fine to take.
  • All of the above items can cause problems with bleeding and anesthesia if taken prior to surgery.
  • 4. No smoking prior to surgery, as it can cause problems with healing.
  • 5. If you must take any type of over the counter medications for pain or headaches, please take Tylenol (acetaminophen).

One Week Prior to Surgery

  • 1. Do not take or drink any alcohol or illegal drugs for one week prior and one week after surgery, as these can affect anesthesia and blood clotting.
  • 2. Please wash your skin with any anti-bacterial soap such as Dial or Lever 2000. If it is too irritating, please discontinue.
  • 3. Please call the office if you show any signs of cold, infection, sores, or pustules appearing before surgery.
  • 4. Do not take any medications that have not been approved by Dr. Tuma.
  • 5. Please make sure that you have arranged a responsible adult to stay with you on the day of your surgery, as well as drive you to and from the hospital; you will NOT be allowed to leave the hospital or drive on your own.

Night Before and Morning of Surgery

  • 1. Valet your car the day of surgery so that they can bring the car around for you when you are discharged. The recovery room will call ahead so the car will be waiting out front.
  • 2. Do not eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight the night before surgery. Also, no gum, candy, mints, coffee, etc., the morning of surgery. This can lead to serious complications with anesthesia.
  • 3. Please clear all daily medications with Dr. Tuma.
  • 4. Do take a shower and shampoo your hair before you come to the hospital to ensure that your skin is free of bacteria thereby reducing your risk of infection.
  • 5. Do not apply skin creams, make-up, hair products, deodorants or perfumes the morning of surgery.
  • 6. You many brush your teeth, but do not drink anything.
  • 7. Do not wear contacts to surgery. Please wear your glasses and bring the case.
  • 8. Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to put on and take off.
  • 9. Do not bring any valuables or wear ANY jewelry or body piercings.
  • 10. Remember you are NOT allowed to drive, so make sure on arrival to hospital we know who will be driving you and their phone number.
  • 11. If you are not recovering at home, please make sure the office knows where you will be and how we can get in contact with you.

Any questions at all, please contact the office and speak with one of our nurses.

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